A Great Face for Radio

I can’t keep up with Fergus’s travels and don’t have his (probably fake) Glaswegian accent (see podcast in the blog below), but I too was on the ‘air’ recently on blog radio yesterday. I hadn’t even realised there was such a thing as blog-radio but apparently there is (maybe that is the next step in all of this “knowledge exchange” stuff).

Anyhow, I was interviewed by a fascinating guy named Herb Blake who has a desistance story all of his own to tell. In fact, the interview would have been more interesting (and more natural for me, at least) if I were the one asking the questions and he was the one telling his story (which is far more interesting than mine). See:
http://herbblake.com/ for some of this story.

His blog radio show interviews a variety of fascinating folks involved in social and criminal justice work in one way or another. I listened to a couple of the shows — the RJ legend Mark Yantze is great as is my friend Lorenn Walker from Hawaii. All are really interesting (despite the awkward commercials at the beginning).   I haven’t listened to the whole interview with me (would rather suffer a stomach flu to be honest), but he said he would edit our chat into something coherent and hopefully cut out all the usual stammering and stuttering. See (or hear) it at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/path2justice


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