3-4th November


Back in the office after a day’s filming in the Manchester area (3/11); we started by grabbing a taxi and asking the driver to take us somewhere “with a bit of gritty realism” – he drove us straight towards Beswick (as I’d expected he might). There we filmed Allan taking to Raymond Lunn (who, as someone born and bred in Leeds, was pretending he didn’t mind hauling himself across the Peninnes to Manchester) and got several good sequences along a canal bank. The crew had to be talked out of murdering one of the local ducks who went “quack quack quack” throughout much of the filming, before we headed off for lunch at a local chippie (no duck on the menu, only fish).

After lunch, and without Raymond who had had to go (there is only so long someone from Leeds is allowed/can bear to spend in Manchester on any one day, of course), Allan and I chatted on a nearby by park bench whilst a) the crew filmed us and b) various drug deals took place behind us. After a break to dry out (ahem – the weather in Manchester lived up to typecast, if not forecast), we headed to Stockport to meet two guys who now work in drugs counselling, but who had both experienced several years of offending and drug use. This was, for me at least, one of the most rewarding experiences of the day, as Allan chatted away to Daran and Charlie about the experiences they had all endured and the possible ways for us to improve the working of the CJS. Even if not all of it makes into the final edit, there was a 20-25min segment which flowed seemless, with no interruptions, so we’ll see if there is a way we can make that section available as a whole – it really was enlightening. Filming over, I headed home and left Allan and the crew to “track down that duck” and head off to China Town for an evening meal … (duck firmly on the menu I suspected).

Filming next week is in London with Fergus along side the crew, so watch this space for updates …






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  1. Hi Stephen,

    I have to say it was very funny, you been the security guard at the side of the canal, you did a great job! I really enjoyed the day, great crew, and Allan made me laugh alot while filming. I eventially got over the fact I was in Manchester, at least we was near the City stadium and not Old Trafford – I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate.

    Again thank you to you all for involving me. An appropriate project, and one needed in terms of policy & practice.


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