The Road from Crime on DVD and an update on Discovering Desistance

After all the excitment of the workshops, the film launch, and getting the film out there online, it feels as if the pace of the whole project has settled down to a slightly more manageable pace! That said, we did enjoy the excitement last week of actually holding the completed DVD in our hands. These are now available to order at:

Since most of the production costs of the film were met by the ESRC, we have decided that any proceeds from sales will be donated to ex-offender organisations; thus allowing the film (hopefully) to sponsor work to support desistance and reintegration. Our production run was only 500 copies, and about 100 of those are already accounted for, so if you want a copy of the DVD, best order soon!

Meanwhile, the feedback about the film has been coming thick and fast (you can see some comments on the documentary page) — and it has been universally very positive. The decision to have the film subtitled in various languages was a good one; it has been really good to receive positive reactions — even excitement! — from European friends and colleagues. The Criminal Sanctions Agency in Finland have already paid for translation of the film into Finnish; maybe other probation organisations or NGOs will do likewise.   

As well as the official launch, we have shown the film at the British Society of Criminology conference and have definite plans for showings in Sheffield and in Chicago (at the American Society of Criminology conferene). We’re also setting up showing in Boston and Orlando, and perhaps in Adelaide and Sydney.

While it’s great that people have been so interested in and affected by the film and its messages, perhaps the most satisfying thing about the reaction has been the number of people and organisations getting in touch about their plans to actually use the film in their work. Though that outcome perhaps reaches beyond what we dared to expect, it is exactly what we hoped for — and we’re delighted to see others engage with and use the film in ways that we didn’t necessarily imagine ourselves. All we ask is to be kept informed…

We’re still working on the report summing up the main learning from the workshops, and on various other papers. So keep watching this space and thanks again for all your support and encouragement.