Two short films about mentoring and desistance

Ruth Armstrong of the Institute of Criminology at Cambridge Univ has recently made these two films (see below). The first is about how Josh and Jody’s mentoring relationship aids desistance, and the second is a series of reflections of practitioners and researchers who watched the film and were asked for their comments. probably best watched in the order the links are given below:


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  1. Some additional information:

    This new short documentary tells the story of the first year of one man’s life after prison. Josh has served numerous prison sentences, the last of which was an 8 year sentence extended for public protection. He is registered as a priority prolific offender. The police advised his probation officer that she would probably recall him within 3 hours of release from prison. This is his story of the ups and downs of life after prison, how he started to work with a volunteer mentor, Jody, and how the trust they built helped him to be honest about his present and hopeful for his future. The second film is a commentary on the issues raised in the first by leading experts on desistance from crime. The films were made by Ruth Armstrong and Kip Loades. Ruth is a researcher in the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge. The film is based on the findings of Ruth’s Ph.D, an ethnography of life after release from prison. Chris (Kip) Loades is a Cambridge-based filmmaker and photographer committed to making complex stories accessible to a wide audience, by finding the beauty, humour and truth in any subject.


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