Migration, Offending and Desistance

My name is Melinda Bajo. I am a Doctoral Researcher at Kingston University in London. The research that I am carrying out for my PhD aims to explore experiences of offending and desistance for people who have migrated to the UK (and are now living in England or Wales). Basically, my study examines the impact of being a migrant on the journey from offending towards a life without a crime.

I aim to interview 30 participants in England and Wales, who are adult men and who have experienced both migration and offending. I am keen to talk to people who are foreign nationals with strong ties in the UK and/or were born overseas and finished their secondary education in their country of origin. I want to include people who have committed various kinds of different offences. The aim is to allow people with these experiences to articulate their thoughts and experiences of offending and stopping offending in order to develop a broader picture of the issues affecting ‘migrant ex-offenders’ in England and Wales.

The length of the interviews is expected to be between 1-2 hours. All interviews will be anonymous and treated confidentially. I will use pseudonyms for participants to protect their identities. The interviews will be taped and transcribed (typed up). If an interview takes place in a language other than English, all data will be translated by me into English. The data will be stored on my PC until the completion of my PhD. I will encrypt all folders with password protection and I will be the only person that can access this data.

My hope is that the study will help us to develop a better understanding of migrants’ experiences during their offending and their process of ending offending. Furthermore, it might help us to find out possible ways to develop the helpful sorts of support for people in this situation.

If you have experience of migration to the UK and offending, and would like to discuss taking part in the research, please contact me via e-mail: K1250368@kingston.ac.uk or at the following address:

c/o Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2EE

The research us being supervised by Associate Professor Marisa Silvestri and Dr.Francis Dodsworth and has been approved by Kingston University’s research ethics committee.

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