Curious timing …

Bumbling around the kitchen yesterday as I fixed my kids’ their supper before they went into terminal meltdown, I half heard a snippet of a radio article on the new Ant and Dec TV programme. The latest winner had a previous conviction and had spent time in prison. Predictably, everyone was up in arms! “”Bad uns” winning money?!? Never!” they screamed. This was confirmed this morning:

Interestingly, the chap in question goes on to report that he is helping his family, now working and wants to use the money to start a new life. As someone who has interviewed numerous people who have stopped offending, this all sounds very familiar – albeit that few have the fortune (no pun intended) to win £1m. But again, we can’t see past a person’s past … hopefully we’ll start to make some inroads to that.


PS: first Project Advisory Group meeting today (via video link up) so more posts later.

One thought on “Curious timing …”

  1. Hi Steve, for all the work we do with inmates to transition back into the community and develop pro social lives free from offending, seems we have to fight a rear guard on another front – our community – to enable that to happen. I understand the profit motive and role of the media as notoriety sells, but the need to educate our communities seems unending as punishment and retribution appears ingrained, inflamed by media and reinforced by populist politicians. Our European societies could learn from Singapore; capital punishment withstanding – who have successfully integrated the Yellow Ribbon Project to “engage the community in giving ex-offenders a second chance at life” [] … we live in hope.


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