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One of the things that we (that is Shadd, Fergus and I) have needed to do these past few weeks is to identify some of the people who we might want to speak to during the production of the film. The film, just to recap, is the first stage of the project, and will be shown to those working in the criminal justice system, voluntary sector, service users, families of those wanting to break away from crime.

With this in mind I spoke to a couple of people from the tracking project (the long term follow-up of probationers I’ve been running since the late 1990s) last night about their potential involvement. Both agreed, I’m delighted to say. It was really nice to speak to both of these guys and to find out briefly how their lives had moved on in the 15 or so months since I’d seen them last. Both are working in drugs rehabiliation and one of them whose employment was temporary last time we spoke was now working full time – a great turn of events for someone who spent the best part of 20 years as a service user.

But it also struck me that those following these blogs may wish to put themselves forward for the second stage of our project; the involvement in the discussions following the screening of the film. We’d like to hear from ‘ex-offenders’ (horrible term, my apologies), current service users (of, say, probation or drugs rehabilitation services) and those working in the criminal justice system interested in the desistance perspective. We’re also hoping to involvement family members in the discussions.

So, if you know anyone who fits the above – or if you fit the above yourself – please do drop one of us a line! We’re not limiting ourselves to just the UK, so please do let as many people as possible know about the project. Thanks!

Script off to the production company next week, so a very exciting time all round!

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I’ve corresponded with Shadd and Fergus before, when I was thinking about doing a Masters in criminology. I’ve been working for the Quaker Council for European Affairs (www.qcea.org) in Brussels for the last year, on their criminal justice programme, but I’m moving back to London in two weeks’ time to start a new job with Clinks – which will be a six month contract on a project using social media to try and communicate with VCS organisations working in the sector, as a means of discussing the potential impact, opportunities and risks entailed in the new commissioning arrangements. I daresay that they might have some member organisations to whom I could publicise this, and at the very least I could put a link to it on my personal blog.

    I haven’t had the chance to sit down with my new bosses and discuss exactly what the project will look like yet, so I don’t know what I can do with which hat on, but seeing as one of my jobs will be to try and keep my eye on things that might be used as the PbR metrics of desistance, I wonder if you might spare some time for a Skype call so I could ask you a bit more about this project and what you’re doing?

    Hi to Shadd and Fergus, and thanks to them both for their advice. More study wasn’t the right thing for me at this stage, but it was really encouraging at a stage when the job hunt seemed to be going nowhere.



    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks for your post. These are exactly the sort of links we’re trying to build. We’ll definately try to find a way of linking you guys in. Will be in touch again soon. All the best for the new job.

      Best wishes,



  2. HHi All,
    I’ve also been working on recruiting people for the project as agreed at the PAG, in particular for the workshops. I have collated a number of practitioner names from our OEP reference groups and will send on via e mail when all have replied. I have also met with the NOMS PQF link and she meets with the university academic leads next week so we will shortly have a name for the PAG.

    I’m really excited about the progress made on the film, Steve, and really hope it will be a tool that inspires people in their desistance journeys.

    Cheers Andrew


  3. Hi
    I work at a project called Goldsmiths Open Book with students that fit your remit.This seems like a perfect opportunity for our students and yourselves to get involved and collaborating by inputting into your film as well as get our project out there to generate public interest and involvement. I would like to invite you and those you are working with to join in with Goldsmiths Open Book Project. Come along and be a part of Open Books commitment to ensuring that everyone has a right to an education and fulfil their life’s potential through education. If you would like to meet the students and or join in with our free classes please contact Joe: 0758 336 333 or Danny: 07814 540 710 at Open book.


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